Travel Tips


1. It is always a good idea to check with your airline 24-48 hours prior to travel.  In a perfect world we are advised of airline schedule changes. Sometimes during that last 24 hours period they do not have time to get to the agents; desk. Therefore it is always good to check.


2. Baggage allowances are different for different airlines and different destinations. Use the airline links on our link page for the information about your particular air carrier and their policies.


3. If you have questions about what you can and cannot take with you, the TSA or Transportation Security Administration is a great tool. The website is It is full of packing and security information that will make your travel easier.


4. For passport information go to This tell you where and how to get or renew your passport. Always check your passport ahead of time. Many countries do not allow you to travel into their country with a passport that will expire within 6 months.

Also, it is good to make a copy of your passport, photo I.D. and credit card  incase they are lost or stolen.  When you make a copy of your passport it is a great idea to give one to either your travel agent or a reliable friend or relative and keep one with you in a carry on. That way if it gets lost or stolen you have back up.


5. Make a copy of your itinerary and put it in your suitcase. If you luggage is lost, hopefully the airlines will see that itinerary and get that lost suitcase to you at your resort or on your cruise instead of sending to your home.


6. Alert your credit card and debit card company before you travel. Many companies have a security measure  on your card and will not allow unauthorized charges to your card out of the country.


6. Check your passport expiration date. Many countries wil not allow entrance if your passport is expiring within 6 months of travel.


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